Online Classes


You can join my online Physics classes for XI, XII (CBSE, ISC Board, IGCSE/AS/A level), IIT-JEE and PMT. Through my long teaching experience, I can easily identify weak points of the students in Physics and teach accordingly. I can identify the methods that will inspire and stimulate a student achieve his/her goal of understanding Physics.

My teaching methodology helps students develop analyzing power, a prerequisite for understanding Physics and developing problem solving skills.

Those preparing for IIT-JEE and PMT may also join problem-solving sessions.

Salient features of online classes:

  1. All classes will be interactive and live.
  2. The classes will be one-to-one.
  3. Another advantage is that all the sessions will be recorded which can be played back later. This will help in revision.
  4. Regular assignments will be followed by regular assessment. This will help boosting confidence of the learners.
  5. Regular feedback to parents.

Fee Structure:

Online Teaching:

One to one- Rs 600 – Rs 800 per hour

Private Teaching:

            One-to-one- Rs 600 – Rs 800 per hour* (Noida and Ghaziabad)

A demo class will be conducted to help you decide to join online class or not. If yes, you have to pay for 10 classes in advance. There will be a minimum of three classes per week. You will be informed about the mode of payment once you confirm joining the classes.

Requirements to join online classes:

      1. Internet connection with a minimum speed of 512 kbps (1 Mbps preferred)
      2. Microphone
      3. Headphone


        Mo. 09654398939

A message to Physics students

I have been teaching Physics for more than 23 years. I have experienced various shades of Physics teaching and learning in this long period. Among majority of class XI and XII students, Physics is not a subject of choice. They have to compulsorily opt for it if they want to join science stream in class XI. The image of the subject suffers the first dent when a student moves from class X to XI. He/she finds Physics quite different from what he/she has learnt in X. The teaching, tests and result in class IX and X, all are in the hands of schools. Hence, they have full liberty to teach Physics as they like. The result of this is that the basic Physics of majority of students who move to class XI is very poor even though they have good marks in class X. This trend continues in class XI also.

It is in class XI that the students study exact Physics for the first time. As the basics of the subject are already weak, many students are scared of Physics. The class XI Physics forms the core of Physics. If you are proficient in it, rest of the Physics will become easier. Hence, the students must be taught keeping this goal in mind.   

A prerequisite for mastering Physics is that the students must understand the fundamental concepts of Physics. They must be encouraged to develop analyzing power and problem- solving skills. Rote learning should not be encouraged. Unfortunately, this does not happen in most of the cases. The first target of school teachers is the completion of the syllabus. In class XI, it is rarely completed in full. But teachers manage to complete it on paper at least. In this race there is no emphasis on helping the students understanding the subject. Can you believe that an important unit of Waves and Oscillations be completed in a period of just 2 hours? But this happens in many schools.

On the other hand, private teachers have their own ‘high quality notes’ prepared by them. These are in fact a mini copy of some popular book. They encourage their students to continuously revise their ‘notes’ with no stress on the application of concepts. Thus, Physics is taught more like History than Physics. This way an interesting subject of Physics is made a demon that keeps on tormenting majority of students throughout XI and XII.

Quite a large number of students moving to class XI join private coaching institutes without realizing their true potential. These institutes teach Physics at a level required to clear IIT-JEE, AIPMT and other exams. It does not matter for them whether a student understands fundamentals of Physics or not. Hence, these students generally struggle in solving class XI level problems. Consequently, a sizeable number leaves these institutes mid-way. Some keep on struggling in the schools as well as in these institutes and finally end up in getting a seat in B and C-grade engineering colleges. A few make it to IITs and NITs.

So, please identify your strength and weakness first and then decide what to do. Don’t join rat-race.